One of the biggest problems we see in the hospitality industry today is the lack of leadership and poor training. How do we tackle these issues?

For me, the answer is clear, we need to choose our leaders wisely, and build a team to support them and there short comings. Different people have different skills, and other people require to be lead differently to the rest. By putting the correct leader in place, and this person needs to be honest with themselves about what they are capable of, a culture of success can be built by giving dedicated and clear responsibilities to the support team. Once this is done, and the correct procedures and systems are in place, this team of leaders will be able to train and guide the staff in the right way.

This may seem a little obvious at the start, but trust me when i say, it does not always happen this way. Too many times, the ‘leader’ tries too hard to take on all the responsibilities, this in turn puts all the pressure on one person, and causes frustration in the ‘leader’. This in turn means the staff are not receiving the training they need, and begin to feel undervalued, unwanted, leading to higher staff turnover. This is not leadership.

Leadership takes honesty, courage, and humility. A real leader will be able to identify there own weaknesses, and while it is possible to learn the skills to fill these gaps, a quicker solution is to employ the correct staff to cover these gaps. this will mean that the person will feel needed, and by providing new challenges along the way, they will feel happy and more likely to do a good job and stay in employment for longer.

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